About company

EKO - company Kalinka was established as a succession organization after decomposition of agricultural cooperative Slatinské Lazy in 1993. It deals with traditional agricultural production, especially with rearing of sheep. We farm on approximately 700 ha of agricultural land, of which only 50 ha are arable land. The majority of agricultural land consists of grasslands, meadows and pastures.

More than 25 years we breed fallow deers and mouflons in the game preserve Červená Voda with land area 130 ha. We breed animals using extensive style with an emphasis on maintaining the best natural conditions in which the animals live. The reward are a beautiful animals with excellent quality.

Village Vígľašská Huta Kalinka was founded in the first half of the 18th century in manor of Vígľaš. The village is situated on the northern slopes of the volcanic mountains Javorie in region Detva at an altitude of 580 m a.s.l.. From the northern side is village protected by mountain Korčín with interesting rock formations, from the southern side of the village run Rimáň. The dominant peak in village surroundings is Lysec (960 m a.s.l.), which represents andesite extinct volcano. The landscape area of the village is rich on water springs, within the village are approximately 65 springs. The most famous mineral spring of area is "VERA", water from this spring flows out in the village Lohyňa. Water from this mineral spring was in past use by duchess Maria Theresa.

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